Evan W


1st - 2
2nd - 0
3rd - 0


Picks: 99 - 95 51%


XB 137,369
Atlanta @ Chicago Cubs

Evan W

Rank: 51

Net Winnings: XB 472

Pick the winner of Atlanta at Chicago Cubs
Atlanta Atlanta
bet XB 900 and won XB 1,764
Which team will be leading after three innings?
Chicago/tie Atlanta
lost XB 400
Will either team hit a home run in the 7th, 8th or 9th innings?
No No
bet XB 900 and won XB 1,764
Will Chipper Jones (ATL) get a hit in the game?
No Yes
lost XB 900
Which team will leave more runners on base in the game?
Atlanta Chicago/tie
lost XB 900